Shank 2 pc system requirement

Posted: February 25, 2012 in PC Game Review

Shank 2 Pc Games Shank 2


Developer: Klei Entertainment

Release Date: Feb-08-2012

Genre: Beat ‘em up,


  • The fan-favorite 2D brawler is back as ex-mob hit man Shank returns to action in Shank 2.
  • With those closest to him under attack, Shank is once again forced on the offensive.

Minimum System Requirements

* OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 or Windows 7
* CPU: Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 at 2.4 GHz
* RAM: 1.5 GB
* HDD: 1.5 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: DirectX June 2010

Supported Graphics Cards:
NVIDIA Geforce 6800 Ultra or ATI Radeon X1950 PRO


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